America disposes of 60 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine


The US federal health authorities have decided to dispose of about 60 million doses of the “Johnson & Johnson” coronavirus vaccine produced at the company’s plant in Baltimore, Maryland, due to possible contamination, according to the New York Times.
According to the “Al-Hurra” website, the newspaper said that “the Food and Drug Administration intends to allow the distribution of about 10 million doses in the United States or send them to other countries, with the warning that the relevant authorities cannot guarantee that Emergent BioSolutions, the company that operates the plant, has followed manufacturing procedures.” good”.The newspaper, citing sources, added that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet decided if the company can reopen the factory, which was closed for two months due to regulatory concerns.

The Food and Dizziness Agency has been trying for weeks to resolve the fate of about 170 million doses of the vaccine, after discovering a major problem in two vaccines manufactured on the site.

The authorities seized more than 100 million doses of “Johnson & Johnson” and 70 million doses of “AstraZeneca” after the company “Emergent” discovered in March that its workers had contaminated a batch of “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine with a key ingredient used to produce “AstraZeneca”. “.


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