America blocks Iranian websites – Arabs and the world – the world


On Tuesday, the United States shut down the websites of Iranian state and pro-Tehran media, posting a message on them saying that this site had been “hackered” by the US government.

A similar page appeared on the websites of the Iranian Arabic-language news channel “Al-Alam” and its English-speaking sister, Press-TV, in addition to the Al-Masirah channel, affiliated with the Houthi rebels in Yemen, indicating that they were all closed under US sanctions, in a letter appended to the office’s two seals. The FBI and the Department of Commerce.

According to the letter, the closure of these sites was carried out in accordance with laws, one of which permits this procedure in the context of exercising presidential powers in the face of an extraordinary threat.

Iranian TV reported that the US measure also included the channels “Lulu’a”, “Palestine Today”, “Al-Naba” and “Al-Kawthar”.

The Iranian news agency “Fars”, which is close to hard-line conservatives, condemned the US move, considering it a “flagrant violation of press freedom.”

Iran is subject to a series of US economic sanctions over its uranium enrichment program, which Washington suspects has military objectives, a charge Tehran denies.



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