Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft.. the most valuable brands in the world


Kantar Brands releasedKantar’s BrandZ Its global rankings report on the world’s 100 most valuable global brands worth more than $7 trillion, and the giant technology companies came in the lead as they took the top seven out of the top 10 in the ranking, which is proof of how important technology is to consumers in the world. the whole world.The report showed that the value of the top 100 brands grew by a staggering 42% in 2021, and Kantar added that the explosive growth is a reflection of “an impressive recovery after the economic losses caused by the global pandemic.” It’s also possible that you can guess many of the brands in the top ten, but in what order do they appear?

The top ten according to Kantar are as follows:

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1. Amazon (315.5 billion)

2. Apple ($309.5 billion)

3. Google ($309 billion)

4. Microsoft ($251.2 billion)

5. Tencent

6. Facebook

7. Ali Baba

8. Visa

9. McDonald’s

10. MasterCard

Amazon maintained the lead, growing its value by 64% to $684 billion. Apple may be in second place, but its 74% growth has outpaced Amazon, which indicates that it may overtake Jeff Bezos in the near future. There were also 13 new entrants to the list, most notably Nvidia (12), Texas Instruments (35), Qualcomm (37), Zoom (52), AMD (57), and Spotify (99). The fastest growing brand is Tesla, which is currently in 47th place, but its value has increased by 275%.

The list also reveals the growing importance of Chinese brands. In addition to two Chinese companies appearing in the top ten, the fastest growing brands behind Tesla are Tik Tok (158%), Pindudo (131%), Miutan (119%), and Mutai (103%). This exponential growth suggests that we may be looking at a very different list of the top 100 companies in 2022.


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