Amal movement warns against disrupting President Berri’s initiative


The political bureau of the Amal Movement issued the following statement:

The Political Bureau of the Amal Movement held its periodic meeting headed by Hajj Jamil Hayek and attended by members. The meeting discussed the political, economic and social conditions. After the meeting, the following statement was issued:

The Political Bureau of the Amal Movement considered that at the moment when Lebanon and the Lebanese need an effective government and institutions that restore the presence of the state as a regulator and guardian of citizens’ affairs, some still continue to strike the constitutional rules by trying to create new norms that affect the foundations of national balances and the foundations established by the Taif Agreement, which hinders the acceptance of the mission It undermines the principles and norms, and puts the country in the face of great risks, disrupts the performance of institutions, and is covered with slogans, populist bids, statements and media leaks that cannot meet the needs of the people, but rather cause more collapse at all levels, while the Lebanese are in dire need of someone who bears the responsibility to respond to The challenges they face in their health, social, economic and monetary issues and conditions that have turned the Lebanese into beggars for pills, liters of fuel and a loaf of bread, the uncontrollable price of the US dollar, the absence of deterrent and preventive executive measures against the comprehensive monetary collapse, and the failure of the caretaker government to abide by its duties and assume its responsibilities in lifting injustice and injustice against people .

The political office of the Amal movement warned against continuing the policy of ignoring people’s cries and their pain, wasting time and opportunities and trying to establish (the balance of the void and generalizing paralysis).
He warned of the disastrous consequences of disrupting the (Lebanon Initiative), which was built by brother President Nabih Berri on the foundations of the French initiative to be the gateway to a reform government that would save the country and put it on the way out of its crises.
The political office of the Amal Movement warns the need to read the political facts after the formation of the government of the Zionist enemy, and the insistence of the settlers of the Zionist entity to desecrate the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the marches to be held tomorrow, which requires protecting and embracing the Palestinian cause and standing by the Palestinian people to preserve the sanctities and restore rights, and to prevent the political level In the Zionist entity, there are facts that cover the internal confusion that has occurred in the Zionist entity.
The Political Bureau of the Amal Movement stresses the need to adopt the utmost strictness in the judicial and security dealings with the file of employment of the Zionist enemy, especially since the crime of treason against the homeland cannot be overturned with the passage of time, and warns against transgressing the national and personal rights resulting from the clients’ crimes and crimes


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