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Maher’s hopes won’t last long in retirement, she’ll be back soon, but very soon, perhaps before you even read these words..

It was not the first time, and she is not the only artist who threw that paper after addressing public opinion, stressing that the matter is out of her control, which opens the door to many stories, in which sick imagination is mixed with the thorny truth..

Every now and then an artist announces the end of his artistic journey and the reasons are numerous. For example, Hani Shaker did it, when a tape he had put on the market failed more than ten years ago, he could not face the failure, so he threw the retirement paper, and Umm Kulthum, when rumors affected her honor at the beginning Her journey in Cairo during the thirties of the last century, decided to retire and return to seclusion in her village in Dakahlia Governorate (Tamay Al-Zahayra).).

Sherine also announced her retirement four years ago, and it did not take more than hours and came back as everyone expected. Such decisions are like a child standing on the edge of the balcony threatening his family with suicide (unless if), and the meaning of (if) varies between one person and another, but they all have one thing in common. It is to draw attention and test others’ love for them.

The decision to retire is often the result of an equation between the private and the public. Did the artist go through a harsh experience, for example, or is someone waiting for him?.

Is it possible for a successful artist to hinder his career, no matter how strong he relies on?! A lot of questions and rumors surrounded the decision, and no one can confirm exactly the correctness of the abolition, Amal will be silent, so that all possibilities remain possible!.

Amal is one of the three who owns the corner of Egyptian singing, preceded by Angham and Sherine in the same position. Some may see – and they have every right – that Amal’s balance is much less than Angham and Sherine, and this is definitely true, and the Arab presence of Sherine and Angham is stronger and this is also true, but what Qualifies her to make up the difference, that the coming days will play in her favour, as she possesses a weapon (charisma), which is able to shorten time, we have followed her in recent years, she is absent more than she attends, her personal choices in life hinder her, she may technically advance a step, but she may be delayed at the same moment two steps.

At the end of the nineties, hopes were the hopes of a state, at a time when the state was not thinking about such matters, but the Egyptian radio, under supreme directives, adopted it, and it became a permanent paper in national concerts, its first discoverer, Salah Aram, the leader of the (golden) band; He was the one who played the role of the link with the radio and then with Ammar Al-Sharei – the great radio broadcaster Hamdi Al-Kunisi told me that he was the first discoverer of Amal, and he was the one who presented it to Ammar, and before that he persuaded the former minister Safwat Al-Sharif to sing in a party attended by Hosni Mubarak – to begin the journey of ascent, and about 15 years ago She was liberated from the shackles of the Kalthama that Ammar wanted her. She set out for wider horizons and began to be received by hearts as a singer with her own privacy, and not a clone of the planet of the East, but the sweet did not complete, and the dream became a nightmare, she stumbled in personal problems, squandered her energy, and her news started from the art page to the page accidents.

But she will soon return to the scene after the message arrived with the knowledge of the arrival of those who wanted to read it to him in public!!

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