Amal Maher retracts her retirement from singing: “I was going through bad psychological conditions.”


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Singer Amal Maher announced her decision to retire from art, citing her previous decision to retire because she went through difficult psychological conditions, she said.

Amal Maher A. revealed the reasons for the decision to retire, and wrote through her account on “Facebook”: “My beloved audience, I would like to thank you for standing by my side, and I wanted to clarify after I heard a lot of ado.”

She added: “I went through bad psychological conditions after the death of my beloved aunt and she was close to my heart, as well as the circumstances of the dissolution of my engagement, which affected my psychological state and prompted me to decide to retire, so I wanted to clarify the truth of my position.”

And she continued, “I thank you with all my heart for your continuous question about me to reassure me, and, God willing, after my mental health improves, I will meet with you.”

Two weeks ago, Amal Maher announced her retirement from singing for reasons beyond her control.


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