Amal Arafa celebrates her daughter’s birthday this way


The Syrian actress celebratedAmal ArafaOn the birthday of her eldest daughter Salma, by publishing a picture of her eldest daughter, who looks very similar to her, through the “Al-Asturi” feature on her personal page on the social networking site, and commented: “My girl’s heart has turned 16 years old.

Followers also shared a picture of Salma on her personal page and commented: “From 16 years ago, I became a mother, Salma Al-Omar, Chloe, my soul, and God protects Al-Jami’s children.” Followers commented on the beauty of her daughter and wished her a happy new year.

And the last work of Arafa was the series “Chicago Street​”, through which she was subjected to many criticisms, after showing a daring scene that sparked a state of controversy through the communication sites, which he brought together with the Syrian actor.Mustafa Mustafa​, as Al-Mustafa appeared in the scene washing and kissing Arafa’s feet, and many of the series’ followers expressed their astonishment at Amal’s performance of this scene.


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