Amal Arafa appeals to her colleagues to stand by the artist Sabah Al Salem


The Syrian star, Amal Arafa, appealed to her colleagues to stand by their colleague, the artist Sabah Al Salem, who was recently released from prison. She dignified herself and Amal said: “It is not shameful for this beautiful woman that her age was stolen in prison (no one on the top of a tent) … Do not disgrace her with the kindness of her heart that shines in the blue of her eyes. And her talent is still vibrant and her memory is high, then?!!!!!!

Sabah Al-Salem
Sabah Al-Salem

Amal added: Her natural right over artistic life, producers, and those who have a say from actors and actresses by putting her name as an actress (from the founders’ generation) to work with honor and support herself with dignity. I hope that the voice reaches everyone who has the ability in television, radio, dubbing, theater. Life and sometimes get lost in our way.
And Amal continued in her post: “We are all going to grow up… and we all need each other… and we are all tools for God and his mercy on earth… and if it wasn’t for the fault, I would make tags for all the capable producers, directors and actors on my page.”

Sabah Al-Salem in the series “The Doctor” with Abbas Al-Nouri
Sabah Al-Salem in the series “The Doctor” with Abbas Al-Nouri

Amal concluded her post by sending a message to Sabah Al-Salem, in which she said: “Sabah Al-Salem be always beautiful, because you deserve beauty on the day you were the star of the stars. : “Note: I know a friend from the middle who does not stop helping her… It is not wrong that we are too many around her. Her hands have been good all her life.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Sabah Al-Salem was released from prison a while ago after being accused of drug addiction, and before that she had participated in many dramas, including “Faces and Masks”, “The Doctor” and other works.


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