Allegations of Bill Gates’ relations: he was changing cars to meet women, and his wife appointed a private investigator


Publishing a magazine websiteVanity FairThe American newspaper published a report on the details of the rumors surrounding Bill Gates about his serial betrayal, including how he changed cars to try to cover his actions.

The founder of the global company “Microsoft” was going to work with a Mercedes, before he changed it and left the company with a golden Porsche that one of his assistants bought him. The staff believed it was part of his plan to interview the women.

Gates, 65, announced his divorce on May 4 from Melinda, after 27 years of marriage.

Gates is famous for his love of collecting cars and his fondness for Porsche cars, as he recently bought an electric Porsche Taycan, and he previously owned a Porsche 911 made in 1979, and the Porsche 959 Sports, of which only 377 cars in the world. However, a Microsoft employee denied these rumors, noting that Gates was very meticulous in organizing his day, dividing his time into only five minutes for each appointment. He added that he was “one of the most punctual people on his schedule on Earth”.

Two other sources also told the magazine that a person in Melinda’s circle worked with a private investigator, and a divorce suit was filed according to the results of the investigation, but a spokesperson for Melinda described this claim as “completely false.”

The New York Times reported last month that Gates, a father of three, stalked several women who worked with him when he was at the helm of Microsoft, once sending an email to an employee asking her out to dinner. Another time, he asked a woman who works for his charity to take her to dinner on a business trip in New York.

In 2019, Microsoft’s board of directors opened an investigation into his behavior, after it was reported that he had harassed a female employee in 2000. Gates resigned from the board the following year, after they appointed a law firm to look into his behavior.

A spokeswoman said his decision to leave the board had nothing to do with the case. Gates described it as unwise and in the past.

The magazine also reported that several Microsoft employees were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent them from talking about his management methods.


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