All you need to know about the redesign of the Safari browser in iOS 15


Wednesday 9th June 2021 09:30 PM مساء

Brings the new update to the operating system IOS Lots of goodies for the iPhone, including notification profiles, separate security updates, and links FaceTime But upgrading to the Safari browser experience may be the best ever, according to TheNextWeb.

And Apple shifted the address bar down. So it’s much easier to type in the site address, go to the back and front pages, and have the tab switch on hand.

Plus you can switch between tabs by swiping on the address bar – just as you switch between apps on your iPhone. You can also tap at any time to see all open tabs in the grid.

The new Safari also brings a swipe to refresh action. If you’re accessing a live blog or Twitter, you can easily perform this gesture to refresh your page with new content.

The update also brings a few new things to the site’s settings when you click the three-dot menu next to the title, where you can now easily change the font size, translate to another language, and see the site’s privacy report with a new handy section.

Safari on iOS 15 offers some other features:

Web extensions come to browsers so apps like 1Password can easily fill in credentials and 2FA codes.

You can set a background image on Safari. To do this start a new page and scroll down and click on Edit.

By default, Safari hides your IP address from trackers.

This new version will finally let you group tabs on your phone.

The new update also brings an improvement to the landscape view.

iOS 15 launches later this year.

Source : Technology: Everything you need to know about the redesign of the Safari browser in iOS 15


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