All you need to know about the latest version of Facebook Messenger


Almost a year ago, Facebook rolled out a new version of Messenger, after years of pinning a new feature to an interface of tabs and sub-tabs. management, according to TheNextWeb.

Now that we have a brand new Messenger, what’s in it?

There are now only two tabs in the app: Chats and People, the first one lets you find your conversations with your Facebook friends, from here you can create new messages as well as search for businesses or pages you can interact with, at the moment there is no way to access any programs A chat you may have found under the tab but it will appear in the search results.

The second tab is the People tab, which contains two sub-tabs, the first one that appears by default when you open the Stories tab. While Facebook’s constant attempts to imitate the Snapchat feature and Instagram Most Preferred It’s probably the only free remnant of Messenger, but it’s at least easy to find. The other sub-tab shows you which of your friends are active at the moment.

In the Messenger menu you’ll find privacy, dark mode, and spam settings (it will be under Message Requests), most of the settings are self-explanatory: for example “Payment” is where you can manage connected accounts you might use to send money to friends, the only setting Mysterious is the People setting, this is where you can manage your contacts including the blocked contacts.

The last thing simplified is what you can do in your conversations, voice and picture messaging options remain the same but you can no longer play games with your contacts.

When you pull the + sign, your options include sending GIFs, sending money, or sharing your location, the two of which are just a few things that separate the new Messenger app from its similar WhatsApp.


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