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Alibaba Cloud, the digital and cloud technology arm of the Alibaba Group, today unveiled its new and integrated solutions for direct broadcasting for e-commerce companies, with the aim of helping companies around the world of different sizes to launch live and direct interactive channels that provide attractive online shopping experiences for customers.

E-commerce live broadcasting solutions are witnessing rapid growth, in response to the growing demand due to the emerging “Corona” virus “Covid 19” pandemic.

These innovative solutions are built on Alibaba’s extensive Content Delivery Networks (CDN), which contains more than 2,800 links, in more than 70 countries and regions.

The new solutions use real-time, distributed and large-scale video processing technology to ensure uninterrupted transmission of signals between sellers, buyers, and the nearest distribution center.

The company’s high-quality Narrowband HD™ cloud transcoding technology ensures image quality, a high-definition live streaming experience, with low bandwidth costs.

It also helps address the challenges of audio and video quality and the high cost of core software, such as real-time video transcoding, low efficiency traffic management, and content delivery networks. Users can enjoy the live broadcast, with a latency of about two seconds, which is essential for fast sales experiences.

Built on the interactive technology of Alibaba Cloud, this solution offers a rich set of core features, with short latency for virtual sales sessions, including rewatching live broadcasts, product review via video embedded in live broadcast windows, and simultaneous subtitles. For off-limits live broadcasts, and other features.

The solution also supports end-to-end, device-to-cloud live streaming, making it easier for small merchants who want to launch their own selling sessions.

Beginning in early June, the Tmall 618 Mid-Year Shopping Festival saw most sellers and brands use Alibaba Cloud’s live streaming services.

Sales using Taobao Live within just the first hour of the event’s opening exceeded all sales for the entire first day of the same event in 2020.

More than 20 new products, solutions and updates were released during the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Virtual Summit, with the aim of assisting companies in their digital transformation journey.

Among the products launched, the updated seventh generation ECS and Cloud Data Management Service (DMS) will appear for the first time in Asia, followed by the rest of the global markets.

Jeff Chang, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said during the summit: “As one of the leading and trusted companies in the global cloud services market, technological innovation is undoubtedly one of Alibaba Cloud’s long-term priorities.

Launching new products and solutions, and continually improving our product features, helps us deliver on our promises to our customers and partners around the world.

The acceleration of the digital transformation agenda, and the adoption of emerging technologies, is particularly encouraging in Asia, which motivates us to improve our innovative capabilities in research and development, to remain at the forefront of companies operating in the sector.”

Infrastructure product improvements

This cloud operating system (Alinux3), an update on the Linux system, is now available worldwide for the first time, providing a better experience for developers, through improved security features, stability and enhanced operational performance.

Thanks to Alinux3, the runtime performance of applications such as Redis, Mysql and Nginx has been improved by up to 40%, compared to the previous generation.

Alix3 is compatible with Alibaba Cloud’s self-developed software ecosystem and with RHEL / CentOS 8. Since its launch, the system has also provided the developer community with eight consecutive years of free software maintenance and technical support.

ECS7: Launched as part of Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure improvements, ECS7 runs on the Alix3 operating system, supports trusted computing and encrypted accounts, and has world-leading computing power, to improve security in the cloud.

Powered by the X-Dragon Architecture, and the third generation of Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Ice Lake) processors, ECS 7 improves computing capabilities by more than 40%, compared to the previous generation.

Hong Kong and Singapore will be the first markets outside of China where the ECS 7 will be available, starting in the second half of 2021.

unified platform

Separate data sources pose a challenge for companies in terms of data security, governance and exploration, especially since the underlying data assets are stored in various databases and repositories. The DMS platform supports data management for more than 30 data sources on the hybrid cloud.

This is made possible because the gateways between self-built bases and cloud databases have become integrated, linking all databases, and allowing data to be managed in its entirety through production, storage, transmission, processing and computing.

The update will be initially available in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore later this year.

Other soon-to-be commercial releases of Alibaba Cloud products include coverage of the major MySQL release of PolarDB, a new flexible-position version of AnalyticDB, MyBase and ClickHouse products, multi-model cloud-native database Lindorm, and a number of others. Innovative services and products.



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