“Alexandria Film Festival” honors the director of “The Egyptian Citizen”


The Alexandria Film Festival will honor director Tarek El-Telmisani, and the next edition of the festival will start on September 25th.

  • “Alexandria Film Festival” honors the director of “The Egyptian Citizen”

The management of the “Alexandria Film Festival” announced that the 37th session of it will honor the director of photography and director Tarek Al-Telmisani for his entire artistic work and the richness of his artistic history.

The new session is scheduled to take place from September 25 to October 1.

The organizers of the festival said that Al-Telmisani “made many artistic steps over the course of a long journey that made him worthy of honor, as he presented outstanding marks that we cannot forget in important Egyptian films, such as “The Egyptian Citizen, Erq Al-Balah, Sadat’s Days, Love of Sima, Cut and Stick” and others The works, in addition to the book written by Dr. Mai Al-Telmisani about his career and will be distributed during the session.

The festival administration also indicated that registration for films wishing to participate is open, provided that applications from all Mediterranean countries will continue to be received until July 31, through the festival’s official website.


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