Al-Ula gives inspiration to Saudi talents in a design competition – Saudi News


Piaget has strengthened its cooperation with the Royal Commission for AlUla, the Geneva University of Art and Design and the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, by announcing the end of the 2021 Piaget Design Competition in the governorate, which is a vibrant destination with heritage and culture, with the aim of designing jewelry pieces inspired by the nature of AlUla and its unique history.The competition was held at Al-Deira School, with the participation of 12 male and female contestants, and highlighted the legacy and heritage of AlUla, which was the source of inspiration for all the works designed in the competition.

The new edition of the competition was held this year in Al-Ula, and for the past nine years, Piaget has worked with the Geneva University of Art and Design on initiatives to support creative people from all over the world.

The Piaget Design Competition 2021 is one of the fruits of the partnership between the Royal Commission for AlUla and the Piaget brand, which embodied the source of inspiration amid the nature and history of AlUla with the creative designs that the competition enjoyed throughout its holding days.

The contestants in the program received practical training from the professors of the Geneva University of Art and Design; To enhance aspects of creative skills in design.

During the competition period, the contestants presented designs for luxurious and inspirational pieces inspired by the ancient history and natural beauty of AlUla, as well as the aesthetic brand for which Piaget jewelry is famous, as it was evaluated by a jury representing the four collaborating parties in the competition.

Aisha Musa Al-Shalali won the first place, Ashwaq Saud took the second place, and Raghad Ayman Arafa ranked third. The committee announced that the winning entries were chosen for the creative designs that applied the skills acquired during the training process, and for the quality that reflected the natural beauty of Al-Ula Governorate.

The competition aims to enrich the educational experience of the contestants, as well as to highlight and develop craftsmanship skills in AlUla through specialized training of the quality and experience enjoyed by “Piaget” and “Geneva University of the Arts”.

“Since 1874, the Piaget family has valued creativity as a link that brings people together and has supported its legacy through the generations,” said Caroline Welch-Balentin, Director of Human Resources and Sustainability at Piaget. While preserving the heritage and ancient history of handicrafts.”

In turn, the director of artistic and cultural programs at the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, Noura Al-Dabal, said in a press statement that the initiative is in line with Saudi Vision 2030 and the master plan launched by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate entitled “A Journey Through Time”.

She added: “We want to create a team of creative people to be part of the AlUla story when the redevelopment of the old Deira school is completed, which will become an exceptional center for arts, culture and creativity,” noting that the Piaget competition represented a great opportunity for all contestants to benefit from their creative talents for this brand. The world leader in crafting luxury jewellery.


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