“Al-Ula Film” signs agreements to shoot Saudi Hollywood films


– Efforts to consolidate “Al-Ula” as an international destination for the film industry

– Production companies’ interest in photography in the Kingdom has grown since the launch of the “tourist visa”

A second American movie in Al-Ula, directed and starring a group of Hollywood stars.

Filming two other Saudi films, “Between the Sands” by Muhammad Al-Atawi and “Noura” by Tawfiq Al-Zaydi.

Establishing a team of film experts to help facilitate production for international films

The “Al-Ula Film” department of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate continues to attract more Saudi and international films to shoot in the province, by providing all logistical facilities that support film production, after the great success achieved with the new American movie “Cherry” by the Russo brothers (film directors). The famous Avengers: Endgame), where parts of it were filmed in the Al-Ula governorate and the capital, Riyadh, in an experiment that is considered the first to shoot a Hollywood movie inside the Kingdom.

The interest of film and television production companies in photography in the Kingdom has grown since the launch of the tourist visa, as a large number of these companies have carried out visits to Al-Ula and several Saudi regions to explore the various filming sites that have not yet been exploited, which provide new and unique spaces for cinematic or television visual expression.

The administration of “Al-Ula Film” revealed that it had signed an agreement to shoot a second American movie in Al-Ula Governorate, directed and starring a group of “Hollywood” stars, in addition to its agreement to shoot two other Saudi films, “Between the Sands” by Mohammed Al-Atawi and “Noura” by director Tawfiq. Al-Zaydi, two of the Saudi films that won the “Light for Supporting Films” competition, are fully funded by the Film Authority of the Ministry of Culture, in addition to coordinating with the “Al-Ula Film” department to provide all requirements for filming the two films in Al-Ula Governorate.

The Film Commission, which was established with the approval of the Council of Ministers within 11 cultural bodies in February 2020, and whose boards of directors are chaired by His Highness the Minister of Culture, is responsible for developing and supporting the film sector in the Kingdom, encouraging individuals, institutions and companies to produce and develop content in the sector and other responsibilities.

The management of “Al-Ula Film” is based on attracting filmmakers around the world on the attractions included in the Al-Ula Governorate that make it on the map of the best filming locations in the world, in order to establish Al-Ula as an international filming destination, and to establish a suitable infrastructure for the film industry in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Ula Film offers a package of services that bet on attracting many filmmakers around the world, such as establishing a team of film experts in Al-Ula to help facilitate production for international films, and building a suitable ecosystem for the film industry in Al-Ula, in addition to other attractive incentives, such as issuing Visas for film crews, providing land and air transportation services and accommodation between Riyadh and Al-Ula, granting the necessary permits, facilitating the import of all equipment required for filming, providing information and auxiliary relations to film production teams, and other supportive services.

In addition to its heritage and civilization depth dating back to more than 200,000 years of human history and 7,000 years of successive civilizations, Al-Ula has a unique diversity of terrain extending over more than 22,500 km, of charming valleys in which sandstone mixes among golden sands with black volcanic rocks. , amazing rock formations created by wind and water over millions of years. It also owns villages, farms and cities with their old and modern buildings in the province, and hotel infrastructure, which provides various options for filmmakers.

The “Al-Ula Film” department works to support and stimulate local film productions, in partnership with government agencies, based on the authority’s endeavor to contribute to achieving the Saudi Vision 2030, and to support and empower national talents in the film industry.

The Film Authority and the “Al-Ula Film” management seek, through their strategic partnership, to create and develop a sustainable film industry in the northwest of the Kingdom, through internal investment, attracting international, regional, television and documentaries to shoot in Al-Ula, developing local and regional businesses to serve the cinema sector, as well as recruiting talent local film industry and training, creating jobs in the film sector and creating an industrial value chain across the region as part of the right ecosystem for filmmaking لصناعة


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