Al-Shoura calls on the Grain Corporation to develop a replacement plan to attract Saudis


The Shura Council called on the General Grain Corporation to develop a replacement plan, according to which Saudis are recruited to fill jobs occupied by non-Saudis, while enabling women to occupy more administrative and professional jobs, according to the needs of the institution.The council also called on the institution to study a draft system (law) for food security; To raise the efficiency of the governance of food-related activities, and to reduce duplication and overlapping of competencies between the concerned government agencies. He also called on the Corporation to coordinate with the relevant authorities to issue binding rules, standards and specifications to reduce food loss and waste.

Family Affairs Council

In another matter, the Council voted to approve a decision in which the Family Affairs Council demanded to spread awareness of the regulations, legislation and health culture related to the family, and to develop family goals in all segments of society, in coordination with the relevant authorities, and work to clarify the goals and the extent of their progress, and the mechanism of action in initiatives upon which it is based.

The Council stressed that “Family Affairs” should expand the family’s information base with the relevant authorities, and study adding specialization to its organization that deals with the development aspect of the elderly.

Board of Grievances

On another topic, the Council called on the Board of Grievances to take advantage of non-judicial vacancies in achieving its strategic goal (finding qualified cadres and a performance system for the Bureau and its courts), calling on the Board to work on raising the level of digital transformation in the axes where it did not reach the level of other bodies (classified). with her) in the justice and Islamic affairs sector.

The Board’s decision regarding the annual report of the Board of Grievances also included clarification of the Board’s reasons for not achieving the target in the beneficiary satisfaction index, and working to address those reasons. The Council also demanded the Board of Grievances that its evaluation be based on achieving the indicator of reducing litigation times, comparing the report of each fiscal year with the one before it, and clarifying this regarding each type of case.

E-Learning Center

In another decision, the Shura called on the National Center for E-Learning to quickly complete and approve a plan to attract distinguished competencies and expertise, and technical, human and cognitive capabilities, to enhance its role in supporting development and innovation in the field of e-learning, stressing the importance of quickly completing the new e-learning system project, which it is working on within the « “Policies and Regulations Initiative” and increasing the activation of the role of the private sector in investing in e-learning, in order to reach the highest levels of quality according to the latest technical methods and regulations.

After submitting the report and the committee’s recommendations for discussion, Council member Dr. Samia Bukhari called on the center to coordinate with the Ministry of Education, to work on obtaining local, regional and international recognition of distance education, in order not to repeat the crisis of recognition of distance education certificates, and to work on The e-learning advisory committee should include national expertise, and not be limited to internationals.

While Council member Eng. Nabih Al-Brahim saw, during the discussion, the importance of having representatives of public education on the board of directors of the National Center for E-Learning; In order to complete the e-learning system, including all types of education.

During its session, the Shura Council approved a draft agreement between the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Office of the Economic and Cultural Representative of Taipei in the Kingdom, to avoid double taxation with regard to income taxes, prevent tax evasion, and the accompanying protocol.

Shura claims from the Grain Foundation

– Develop a replacement plan, according to which Saudis are recruited to fill jobs occupied by non-Saudis.

Enabling women to occupy more administrative and professional positions.

– Study of a draft system (law) for food security.

– Issuing binding rules, standards and specifications to reduce food loss and waste.


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