Al-Rahi fears that the presidential and legislative elections will be disrupted


Elsewhere, Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi directs his criticism of Lebanese politicians. Today, Patriarch Al-Rahi appealed to the United Organization, asking for Lebanon to be rescued from collapse and bankruptcy, and appealed to the international community to pay attention to the Lebanese and support them. He renewed the call for an international conference to support Lebanon, considering that the country is facing a plan to bring it down, which he sensed by delaying the formation of the government as a prelude to hitting the entitlements of the legislative and presidential elections next year.

drop Lebanon
Al-Ra’i touched on the file of forming a government, and asked: “Is there behind the flimsy reasons for not forming a government, the intention not to hold parliamentary elections next May, then presidential elections in October, and perhaps the intention to overthrow Lebanon a hundred years after its formation of an independent state, thinking that they are free? In re-establishing it anew, forgetting that it is the oldest homeland, the most glorious nation, and the most beautiful country the Middle East and the Arab world have known? It is a long, but logical question, to which Al-Rahi answered clearly, emphasizing adherence to the Lebanese formula and the entity. He indicated, “We will not be taken in by the turbulent reality and the fleeting force. We are a people who do not die even if we get to the core.”

change country
We will not allow this plan to be completed. We will not allow the fall of our great nation. We will not allow the democratic system of Lebanon to be changed. We will not allow the falsification of Lebanon’s identity. We will not allow the civilized life of the Lebanese to be distorted. We will not allow the destruction of Lebanese civilization. We will not allow Lebanon to continue to be involved in the region’s conflicts.” He re-corrected the axes controlling the political forces, stressing that “when the slogan “neither east nor west”, nor neutrality, nor even disassociation from oneself, we put forward the declaration of the active neutrality regime in all its constitutional dimensions.”

International Appeal
The misery of life in Lebanon, at all levels, prompted Al-Rahi to say that “in our miserable humanitarian situation, we turn to the United Nations to intervene to save Lebanon from collapse and bankruptcy. We appeal to the World Health Organization to put its hand on the health reality in Lebanon, and respond to its needs of medicine and materials medical”. While presiding over Sunday mass in the Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon – keen on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of Lebanon’s dedication to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Al-Rahi pointed out that “we appreciate the friendly countries, for their assistance, the army, which is the safety valve for Lebanon, especially in difficult times. The people too, to remain steadfast alongside their army.” He called for “organizing a workshop to save society.”

Al-Rahi aimed his arrows at the ruling class in Lebanon, pointing out that “if our political officials and political leaders were distinguished by the virtues of humility and meekness, love would dwell in their hearts, and they would be stripped of their interests, and reconciled with politics, the people and the state, and relations would be peaceful among them, and they would not have brought the country to this descent of misery. political, economic, financial, living and social, and when they dismantled the state’s institutions, organs and capabilities, and shared them and desecrated them.” He said that officials are trying to save themselves and their interests, not to save the country, so “they act as if there is no people, no state, no system, no institutions, no economy, no industry, no trade, no poverty, no hunger, no unemployment, and no immigration.” He added, “They do not care about the people who can no longer tolerate humiliation, oppression and torment, neither in front of banks and money changers, nor in front of gas stations and bakeries, nor in front of pharmacies and hospitals, nor in front of travel companies that were forced to price, contrary to the law, travel cards in dollars in cash.” He concluded by noting that “this people can no longer tolerate being silent about the crime of bombing the port of Beirut, ten months have passed since its occurrence, and with all this, a small glimmer of hope has emerged in the past two days with the banks’ response to the Central Bank’s decision to start gradually paying a small amount of depositors’ money.”


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