Al-Quds News Agency – Secrets of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Construction: secrets and scenes


European media centers have monitored the predominance of statements paving the way for a return to the nuclear agreement in Washington, including warning of the danger of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.


A political reference said that whoever looks at the aggravating crises in Lebanon and their graph up and down discovers that the political factor is greater than the crises themselves, with evidence that before they reach the explosion they find the way to solve it. This was possible before the war of nerves that tamed the Lebanese to accept what was offered to them.

The call of the homeland: secrets

In the past few days, attention has been focused on the archives of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the International Commission of Inquiry, which efforts are being made to return them to Lebanon under the pretext of the jurisdiction of the Judicial Council in the event the Tribunal’s work ends.

A banking reference considered that the recent measure of the Central Council of the Banque du Liban aims to enable the bank to dispose of one billion dollars from the mandatory reserve, to allocate it to support fuels and medicines for chronic diseases.

It was found that there was an intentional defect in the accounting entries in the Directorate of Financial Affairs in the Electricité du Liban, as a result of which it was possible to enter the revolving opening entry from the previous year and to make the adjustments desired by the institution, which wastes confidence in all accounting balances.

Republic: secrets

Meetings between the “socialist” and “the current”

Parallel to the meeting that was held recently in the mountain between leaders of the forces and the Progressive Socialist Party, meetings were observed between officials of the Socialist Party and the National Movement.

A party that respects a sensitive international decision

A deputy from a prominent party assured a Western ambassador his party’s respect for a sensitive international decision.

Direction to request “Health” to raise support رفع

Some companies importing a very vital substance are going to ask the Ministry of Health to lift its subsidy for distribution in pharmacies.

Major General: Secrets

Leaders in the axis pay attention to the aftermath of the Gaza-Israel war, whether in terms of security operations or the resumption of military operations.

Public institutions are suffering from serious collapses, which seem unable to secure the requirements of their beneficiaries, with the escalation of the financial and pharmaceutical crisis, as well as prices.

Insiders say that the collapse of electricity, and the total darkness, poses in a practical way the federation of electricity!


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