Al-Quds News Agency – An artistic phrase that guides Colombia to victory over Ecuador in the Copa America


Colombia started its Copa America football campaign with a narrow 1-0 victory over Ecuador at dawn on Monday, and the goal came after a great technical sentence in the implementation of a free kick near the penalty area.

Edwin Cardona scored the only goal of the match three minutes before the break, as he started the technical sentence, and two other players touched the ball, before it reached him and shot from close range into the goal.

The goal was initially canceled due to offside, before the VAR intervened and decided to count it.

“The players have trained on the goal sentence since the preparation period for the World Cup qualifiers,” Colombia coach Reinaldo Rueda said.

Ecuador was clearly the better party in the second half, but did not manage to equalize to bottom the second group along with Venezuela, who lost 3-0 to hosts Brazil at the opening of the competition.

Ecuador won 6-1 against Colombia in the World Cup qualifiers last November, but it was clear from the start that there was no room for many goals with a dearth of dangerous opportunities on both sides.

No team could play at a fast pace during a violent match that stopped a lot, during which the referee awarded 33 fouls.

The result resulted in Ecuador losing the third match in a row, while Colombia has not lost in three matches since the appointment of Rueda.

The two teams will play Venezuela in the next match, where Colombia will play the confrontation on June 17, while Ecuador will play three days later in the five-team Group B competition.

Source: “Reuters”


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