Al-Qasabi confirms the support of Saudi competencies for the media excellence industry – Saudi News


The Minister of Information in charge and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Radio and Television Authority, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, affirmed the ministry and its bodies’ full support for Saudi talents and full belief in their ability to create excellence and creativity in media content.

Al-Qasabi stressed, during his meeting – via video conference – today (Thursday), 36 young talents who were attracted and trained within the Radio and Television Authority project to increase broadcast languages ​​in the Saudi international radio sector, and reach them to fifteen languages, and the importance of the great role placed on the authority in Communicating the Kingdom’s culture and its development to the world through a great effort behind which are national youth cadres that predict a prosperous future for the Saudi media

He called on the course graduates and all Saudi media employees to create professional content that keeps pace with the development process that the Kingdom is witnessing, as the media is the mirror that reflects the true image of the Kingdom and its stage of growth at all levels.

For his part, the CEO of the Radio and Television Authority, Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthy, expressed his thanks for the continuous support and attention that the authority receives from His Excellency the Minister of Information, stressing that the developmental steps taken by the authority are in line with the directions set by the leadership in delivering the media message to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He praised the capabilities of the competencies enrolled in the course, and thanked the course’s academics and professionals with multiple experiences, noting that this blending creates a professional media generation with young national cadres who hold the future of Saudi media in their hands, and constitute a solid foundation upon which the aspirations of the nation are built.

The Radio and Television Corporation had announced the increase of the radio broadcasting languages ​​to fifteen languages ​​(Hebrew, Persian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Urdu, Bangladeshi, Pashto, Turkish, Turkestan, Somali, Swahili, Indonesian) within The project for the development of Saudi international directed radios, which began broadcasting more than seventy years ago by presenting its programs in only ten languages ​​to more than 62 countries around the world.

The Radio and Television Authority is working on a comprehensive development project, through which it aims to develop creative radio and television content, relying on Saudi competencies and raising the level of media output in partnership with individuals and all sectors of society to reach advanced stages of professional and technical development.


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