Al Hilal News: The President of Al Hilal sends a special message to the Portuguese Jardim


Leonardo Jardim – Saudi Al Hilal coach

Saudi 360 – The face of Fahd bin Nafel, president Crescent moonA special welcome message to Portuguese coach Leonardo Jardim after contracting him to lead the first football team next season.

Ben Nafel welcomes coach Jardim

And Bin Nafel, through his account on the “Twitter” website, re-tweeted an announcement Crescent Club To sign Jardim last Tuesday, he commented: “Welcome Jardim to Crescent moonI wish you all success and luck.”

was Al Hilal Saudi Club On Tuesday, he announced his contract with Portuguese Leonardo Jardim to take over the task of training the “blue team” for a sports season, with the option of extending it for another season.

Leonardo Jardim is scheduled to arrive in Riyadh a week before the players return, to start preparations for the next season.

And settled Portuguese coach Leonardo Jardim Crescent moonOn the date of the return of the first football team to training in preparation for the next sports season 2021/22.

The club’s media center said Crescent moon On Twitter, Thursday evening, Jardim set the fifth of next July as the date for the start of the team’s preparations for the new sports season.

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