Al-Faisal: There are no exceptions to “club debts” and those who caused it will “be held accountable.”


          He stressed the endeavor to provide 3,000 sports jobs through the “support strategy.”            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports, during his participation in the periodic press conference for government communication next to Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi, Minister of Information in charge, thanked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince for their great and continuous support for the sports sector.

At the beginning of his speech, Al-Faisal said: “I congratulate everyone for the success of the sports season, undoubtedly a distinguished season for competition in various games, and it enjoyed great follow-up despite the pandemic conditions that affected sports, a season in which we graduated with many lessons at the level of organization and facilities, and we are currently working to strengthen all the positives and avoid the negative aspects.

Regarding Saudi Arabia’s continued hosting of various sporting events, Al-Faisal said: “The whole world has stopped, there is a great challenge to hold regular competitions, but thanks to the support of our generous leadership and the efforts made, Saudi Arabia was able to host tournaments in cooperation with international federations, Prince Mohammed bin Salman had an impact. The real thing is to overcome all the difficulties that we faced, and the Kingdom has proven its position with these successes.”

The Minister of Sports announced the goal of Saudi Arabia and its current focus on hosting the 2027 Asian Cup. He explained: “The sports community is passionate about football, and we strive with the Asian Confederation to present our file at the highest level, and we hope to win the hosting of the tournament, and I believe that the Kingdom’s chances of hosting the tournament are great.”

With regard to the club support strategy, the Minister of Sports revealed that the number of clubs applying ten sports and more than 9 clubs in 2018 increased to 77, with job opportunities increasing to 3,000 jobs, as well as an increase in the number of players to more than 30,000 players.

And in detail about the support of clubs during the sports season that ended recently, Al-Ittihad club received 115.7 million riyals as the most supported club, followed by Al-Hilal Club 113.8 million riyals, then Al-Ahly 109.6 million and fourthly, Al-Fateh team attended 99.4 million riyals, then Al-Wahda 94.2 million riyals, and after that came Al-Nasr team with 93.7 million riyals, then Al-Shabab with 90.6 million riyals, then Al-Ettifaq with 88 million riyals, then Al-Raed 80 million, then Al-Faisaly, the King’s Cup champion with 77.1 million, then Damak with 76 million, then Abha with 72.4 million riyals, then Al-Taawun with 70. 8 million riyals, and finally Al-Qadisiyah clubs came with 65.6 million riyals, then Al-Batin with 54.9 million riyals, and then Al-Ain with 48.6 million riyals.

With regard to the debts of the Saudi Professional League clubs, Al-Faisal said: “All clubs have obligations. We work on a daily basis with all clubs, especially in the periods of expiry of contracts and renewal of contracts to overcome many of the problems faced by the clubs, and also the financial efficiency will be announced next Thursday in its full details, there are no Any exceptions, and the clubs are able, God willing, to abide by all their obligations.”

Regarding the previous administrations bearing the debts that were recorded during their period of operation, Al-Faisal said: “The regulations and regulations are clear regarding the debts of the clubs and who bears them. All procedures are carried out to the fullest, and anyone who caused debts outside the powers of the clubs will bear them, the current administrations must cooperate with the Ministry. Accountability of those who carry these debts.” He added, “When all the information is complete, the ministry will announce the results in all transparency.”

The Minister of Sports revealed the transformation of three club stadiums into sports stadiums, namely Al-Shabab, Al-Fateh and Al-Ittifaq, with the development of the facilities of nine clubs within the Club Development Initiative, to host matches in mid-2022. The targeted clubs are Al-Ittihad, Al-Ahly, Al-Nasr, Al-Hilal, Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Batin, Damak, Al-Raed and Al-Taawun.

Al-Faisal pointed out that they are seeking to improve the experience of the mass attendance, centers and points of sale in the stadiums of King Fahd, Prince Faisal bin Fahd and Prince Muhammad bin Fahd, to be revealed in August (August).

The Minister of Sports revealed that Saudi Arabia will continue to host sporting events, explaining, “I announce the continuation of hosting the Spanish Super, the Italian Super, the Formula E race and the Dakar Rally 2022 with its new track, and next December will witness the Kingdom hosting Formula 1.”

Regarding the stadium crisis in Jeddah, the Minister of Sports explained: “Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium is on the right track and will be ready at the beginning of the next season and host Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad matches and other clubs, as well as King Abdullah Stadium, famous for the radiant jewel, had a problem and it was resolved to host matches with the beginning of The new season.

The Minister of Sports announced the start of a different privatization phase, which initially includes three types: clubs, academies, centers and gyms, explaining: “For more promising opportunities, the Ministry of Sports will soon announce the launch of a project for licensing sports clubs, academies and gyms, which will provide the opportunity for the private sector, There are 30 targeted sports, including football, swimming, equestrian, e-sports, cycling, and eight different combat games.

The Minister of Sports announced the launch of a program to support sports federations, similar to the current sports club support strategy. With regard to feeding clubs with talents, Al-Faisal explained: A number of paths have been worked on to hone talent, by launching the Mahd Academy as the largest national project to discover talent, and launching a scholarship and training program aged 13 to 18 years.

The Minister of Sports revealed the launch of a similar project for the school league in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, explaining: We are now working with the Ministry of Education to launch a similar version of the school league, but for different games.

Al-Faisal explained: “The Ministry of Sports seeks to take care of various games. Our sport lacked expansion in previous years. Football is the sport that clubs focused on, and this caused a lack of many talents, so a new stage was necessary to serve this aspect and promote sports, and motivate everyone to Practicing sports to become an integral part of the citizen’s life, which will be reflected on the citizen’s health.”

Regarding the Ministry of Sports’ goals for the vision’s goals, the Minister of Sports revealed: “Since the launch of the vision five years ago, many goals have been achieved. The percentage of practice has increased from 13 to 19 percent, and the number of sports groups has reached 450, including 200 women’s groups.”

On this aspect, Al-Faisal continued: “In order to expand the circle of sports practice, the number of sports federations has been increased from 32 to 92 federations, associations and committees, as well as in the field of sports for residents in Saudi Arabia, a number of events were held in which more than 3000 people and 225 teams participated. for the activities of the athletes for the residents.

With regard to women’s sports, the Minister of Sports explained: “The number of women’s teams has reached 25, and women have obtained membership in sports federations, and the female component has become 30 percent of federations, and 17 percent participate in external committees.”


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