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Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports, said that former club officials who incurred extra-budgetary debts will bear the responsibility for them.
During the periodic press conference for government communication yesterday, he urged the current administrations to cooperate in this file. In response to a question from Al-Riyadia about club debts, he said: “The regulations are clear regarding the debts recorded during the period of presidents who left their positions, and procedures are in place with the clubs directly to address matters.” He stressed: “The person causing the debt will bear its responsibility with the board of directors who was present with him,” calling on the clubs to cooperate that contributes to the completion of the file and announcing all its details transparently and in front of everyone. At the conference hosted by the Dolph Hotel in Riyadh, the minister spoke about the goals of sports in “Vision 2030”, licensing clubs and academies and other sports efficiency
The Minister of Sports set, in the periodic press conference for government communication, next Thursday, a date for the ministry to announce the financial efficiency of the clubs in all their details, without exception for any club.
He said, “We know that all clubs have obligations, and this is at the world level, and we work on a daily basis with them, especially since this is the timing of the expiration of contracts and renewal.”

The stadiums are ready جاهز
The Minister of Sports announced, through the periodic press conference for government communication, the readiness of the stadiums of King Abdullah Sports City and Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal in Jeddah to host matches next season.
He stated that the work of Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium, which he inspected last month, is on the right track. Regarding the “Radiant Jewel” stadium, he said, “There was a problem with maintenance,” looking forward to developing the rest of the facilities.

Federation support
The Ministry of Sports will launch, within weeks, its strategy to support the federations, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal explained during the periodic press conference for government communication yesterday.
The Minister of Sports revealed the completion of the preparation of the strategy, aiming to achieve sustainability for the federations, similar to the support provided to the clubs, and to provide opportunities for the federations’ long-term growth, and to activate their role.
Prince Abdulaziz confirmed that nine clubs were able, through the support strategy, to rehabilitate their facilities and improve their facilities, and the strategy’s contribution to increasing the number of different games and their practitioners, and the job opportunities associated with them.

Academy licenses
The Minister of Sports stated, during the periodic press conference for government communication, the ministry’s intention to launch a project for licensing sports clubs and academy, and modernizing licenses for sports halls and centers, which he pointed to is important for the sports economy. The minister pledged to work with the centers more to overcome all difficulties, pointing out that they are facing great challenges due to the Corona pandemic.

Organizing fortunes
The Minister of Sports, during the periodic press conference for government communication, described Saudi Arabia’s chances of organizing the 2027 Asian Cup as great, especially since it did not host any previous version of the tournament. He stressed that the infrastructure will be ready by the year of the tournament, returning the Saudis’ passion for football as a greater motivation for hosting it. He continued, “We hope to win the organization, but it is subject to a vote, and I think that Saudi Arabia’s chances are great.”

Hosting continues
Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, Minister of Sports, announced, during the periodic press conference for government communication, that Saudi Arabia will continue to host the Spanish and Italian Super Cups for football, the “Super Globe” championship for handball, the Basketball World Tour “3 by 3”, and the 2022 Formula E race. and the 2022 Dakar Rally. The Minister expressed his appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince, for the great support of the sports sector, thanks to which Saudi Arabia has proven its ability to organize and host major international events with the highest standards.

Facilities development
During the periodic press conference for government communication, the Minister of Sports revealed an initiative to develop club facilities.
The initiative, which was prepared by the ministry, will transform Al-Shabab, Al-Fateh and Al-Ittifaq clubs into sports stadiums, while the main stadiums will be developed in nine clubs to enable them to host matches, namely Al-Ittihad, Al-Ahly, Al-Nasr, Al-Hilal, Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Batin, Damak, Al-Raed and Al-Taawun. The ministry set mid-2022 as the date for the completion of the two projects.


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