Al-Ahly of Egypt reveals the causes of the “touch fire”


The media spokesman for the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, Gamal Gabr, revealed the reasons for the outbreak of a fire in the old stadium of Mokhtar Al-Titch Stadium, at the headquarters of the Cairo club.

Jamal Jabr told Sky News Arabia: “Al-Ahly’s board of directors decided to demolish the old runway, and obtained government approvals to implement the decision, and we agreed with a specialized company to clear the runway of old waste, such as wooden chairs and some iron pieces.”

He added: “This morning (Wednesday), the electrical current of the company’s equipment caused a minor fire in the runway, and the Civil Protection forces brought it under control within 10 minutes.”

Al-Ahly club spokesman also confirms that “there are no injuries or losses of any kind,” noting that the workers of the company responsible for evacuating the runway before its demolition, returned to work again.

And the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, had decided to work on demolishing the old stand at Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium on the island, especially since this runway has been in ruins for a while.

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