Al-Abyad raises the slogan “Error is forbidden” in front of Indonesia


Prepared by: Ali Najm

The UAE national team raises once again the slogan of victory and nothing else and “error is forbidden”, when it meets its Indonesian counterpart at Al-Wasl Stadium in Zabeel at 8:45 pm on Friday, in the penultimate round of the second round of the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and World Cup finals. Asian Nations 2023.

The victory over Indonesia will be an essential goal for our national team in order to hold onto the opportunity to qualify for Group G at the top, without waiting for the second-placed game in the eight groups.

Al-Abyad hopes that the passage in front of the Indonesian team will be safe, as the men of our national team realize that mistakes are forbidden, and that complacency or inaction can be very expensive in their journey to reach the world.

The World Cup is a distant dream, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and our team has two final steps before reaching the final stage of the qualifiers.

The men of our national team realize that the dream is possible, and that hope cannot be taken away, especially in light of the fact that the team has the opportunity to decide with its own hands and not with the hands of others, as winning the Friday meeting, and then on the fifteenth of this month at the expense of Vietnam will guarantee them a pass to the final stage of World Cup qualifiers, and get a ticket to China.


Our national team wants to forget what happened in the last two matches, and focus on that step that will be essential in the phase of crossing to play with the adults, which will push the men of Dutch coach Van Marwijk to do everything in their power to win.

The preparations of our national team went in full swing, between therapeutic sessions, healing exercises, and technical discussion sessions, which confirms the keenness of the technical and administrative bodies to deal cautiously with the Indonesia meeting despite the presence of the competitor at the bottom of the group standings with one point.

Marvik hopes that the players of our national team will appear in a more distinguished technical form, after the signs of dissatisfaction with the coach became clear after the recent victory over Thailand, despite winning the three points.

The coach will bet once again on the stability of the formation, with the possibility of introducing some minor adjustments in order to secure the rotation process, although it was clear in the previous two matches that Marvik is not a fan of change, after he was satisfied with 3 changes against Malaysia, and only two changes against Thailand.

Betting on Mabkhout

Our national team and its large fans are placing all the scoring bets on the shoulders of star and top scorer Ali Mabkhout in order to reach the opponent’s goal.

The Al-Jazira player and top scorer in the Arab Gulf League is looking forward to returning to the mystery of scoring, after he stopped scoring against Thailand in the previous match.

Mabkhout wants to hit a flock of birds with one stone, by scoring to ensure the victory of “Al-Abyad” and enhance his chance to grab the title of top scorer in the qualifiers, in addition to reaching the number of Brazilian King Pele at the international level.

Mabkhout, with Fabio Lima and Caio Canedo, represents the most prominent danger at the scoring level, especially with the brilliance of the first and the formation of a partner with Mabkhout capable of hitting the opponents’ defenses, after Fabio scored 3 goals in the last two matches with “Al-Abyad”.

The medical staff worked to prepare the player Khalil Ibrahim, in order to secure his presence in the team’s list today, so that he would be one of the papers that the Dutch coach could rely on.

Khalfan Mubarak will have to shake off the dust of his humble performance against Thailand, when he only touched the ball (19 times) in a full hour of the match, which reflects the state of his loss, and may even reflect the impact of his modest level on the collective performance of « White”, considering that he is the thinking mind and the first playmaker in our national team squad.

The coach will not hesitate once again to put full confidence in the abilities of the two full-backs Bandar Al-Ahbabi on the right and Mahmoud Khamis on the left, especially with the brilliance of the former in the last two matches, as he contributed to scoring two goals against Thailand, to prove that he is an offensive element that can be bet on to increase support and secure numericality in the opponent’s area, In addition to his defensive role.

Ali Salmeen was represented with Abdullah Ramadan Rumana Al-Mizan in the performance of our national team during the previous two matches, although it seemed that the performance of the duo was less important in the Thailand match than the brilliant level they presented in the first match against Malaysia.

Ali Khaseef will remain the protector of the den, and the leader who needs to lead the team from the first line, and to secure the motivation of the defense elements to close the ports and eliminate the opponent’s strengths.

Caution is a must

While the technical staff has been studying and evaluating the performance of the Indonesian team, it has become clear that our team is in dire need of caution against the danger of the competitor, who presented in the last two matches of the qualifiers a different image from the one it was before the pandemic.

The Indonesians managed to embarrass the Thailand team, forcing it to a 2-2 draw, before withstood by Vietnam throughout the first half, and then collapsed in the second session somewhat strangely.

But what is remarkable about the performance of the opposing team is the high spirits and “violent” interventions that were a source of objection and concern by the players of Thailand or even Vietnam.

The competitor relies on strong interventions, in order to reduce the danger of competitors, and seek to introduce a kind of fear into the opponent’s hearts, which is the method that distinguished him, in addition to exploiting the speed of some elements in his formation, and their ability to hit the opponent’s defenses with through balls, which helped them to score the duality in the Thai goal.


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