Airbus: Fear of missing out puts pressure on airlines to return business class


Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said he expects air traffic to return to pre-pandemic levels and that airlines plan to allocate the same space for business class seats as they did before.
According to “Reuters”, he added, air transport is still going through a crisis despite the acceleration in the distribution of vaccines in developed countries, and in light of video calls, which have replaced direct meetings, it is difficult to predict the extent of recovery in business trips in the future.
But Faurie told the Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag that the companies’ mindset had changed. “Companies realized that at some point they would have to meet their customers and suppliers directly again, at some point they would have to come in person to develop products or build factories.”
He added, “This is what airlines are telling us, as they now have to decide how the distribution of seats will be on their planes in the future, and we see them planning the same number of business class seats as before the pandemic.”
But he admitted, when asked about the number of business trips, that he expects in the future, that the sector may not fully recover. And he continued, “Maybe it will be a little less, one thing is clear to me: “People want to travel again, maybe not more than before the pandemic, but probably not less.”
The airline industry faced severe pressure during the Corona pandemic, under pressure from travel restrictions imposed by countries to control the outbreak of the pandemic. The International Air Transport Association expected in April that airlines would incur losses of about $48 billion in 2021, compared to previous expectations of $38 billion in losses.
It is noteworthy that the German airline Lufthansa intends to restart the operation of up to 50 additional aircraft in the coming weeks, due to the high demand for flights.
And according to “Al German”, in previous press statements, Harry Homeister, a member of the company’s board of directors, said: “The number of reservations has been steadily rising for eight weeks, and it has made a significant jump up last week, and this week was the strongest seven days for the company.” Since April 2020″.
Homeister added that the demand for flights in “July and August” reached between 10 and 11 times what it was four weeks ago,” noting that the demand for some flights reached a higher level than its level before the Corona pandemic.
It is noteworthy that the number of Corona virus infections has been declining in Germany for a while, which is why “Lufthansa” intends to restart operating between 30 to 50 additional aircraft in the coming weeks, after the company had frozen the movement of hundreds of aircraft during the Corona pandemic.
Hemeister said: “We are very flexible in our planning, and we can quickly provide enough places,” noting that “Lufthansa” can, as an exception, operate flights with a jumbo plane with a capacity of 370 passengers on a line with strong demand instead of working with a short-distance plane with a capacity of 180 passengers. “.


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