Ahmed Makki takes care of the treatment of an artist who suffers due to a medical error.. Donia Samir Ghanem supports her despite her sorrows – our lives – celebrities


After her health condition deteriorated due to a medical error, the Egyptian actress Fatima Koshary revealed that the star Ahmed Makki had taken care of her full treatment in a humane gesture from him that she did not expect to happen.

And the artist revealed that Ahmed Makki sent his business manager to show her to a doctor to find out her health condition, after she was diagnosed by mistake, and he covered all the costs of treatment until she recovered completely, noting that he also surprised her by installing air conditioners in her home because of the doctors’ request that she not be exposed to any heat, fearing for the her health condition.

Fatima Koshary praised Ahmed Makki’s generosity and humanity in following up on her condition accurately, adding, “Ahmed Makki called me and was performing an operation on his molar, and he told me why he hid your attack.”

She confirmed that many art stars supported her in her ordeal, contacted her, and some visited her. She pointed out that Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, contacted the artist, Nihal Anbar – head of the medical file of the union – in order to follow up on her health condition and check on her, and indeed, Nihal Anbar followed up the case with a specialist doctor.

Fatima Koshary stated that among the stars who called her to reassure her were Mohamed Henedy, Menna Shalaby and Ahmed El-Sakka, who assured her that he was outside Egypt and once he returned he would visit her.

She also praised the position of the artist, Donia Samir Ghanem, despite her grief for her father’s separation and her mother’s illness, as she called Dr. Ashraf Zaki, and asked him to take care of the treatment of Fatima Koshary, who was famous for her participation in many secondary roles in many films and dramas.

The problem of Fatima Koshary began when she called for help through one of the websites, for her treatment after she was the victim of a medical error at the end of last February, when she felt very sick, so she went to a doctor and diagnosed her with the need to perform a “hernia” operation, and after doing it, she felt something similar to a tumor in her stomach, and she continued With the doctor again, to tell her that her condition needed a new surgery and he also performed it, but her condition deteriorated and bled a lot, and she entered into a fit of severe fatigue until she had to seek help to intervene to treat her before it was too late, and indeed she found a response from the Actors Syndicate and many art stars.

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