Ahmed bin Mohammed honors Humaid Al Qatami in recognition of his contributions to the Olympic movement – sport – local


His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the National Olympic Committee, Humaid Al Qatami, honored the former First Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee, in appreciation of the contributions he made during his tenure within the family of the Committee, and his efforts in serving the Olympic movement in the UAE and upholding the The basic values ​​of the Olympic Charter, and activating the role of the committee in pushing the process of sports development towards new horizons of excellence in line with the UAE’s leading position and achieving the aspirations of the wise leadership in ascending the UAE champions in various sports to the podiums in the largest international sports forums.

His Highness the President of the National Olympic Committee expressed his full appreciation for the influential role played by Humaid Al Qatami in strengthening the Olympic movement and raising its position in the UAE, stressing that his contributions had a great impact in supporting the goals, mission and main role of the committee, especially in developing legal and regulatory courses related to the movement. The National Olympic Committee, and stimulating the spirit of competition among athletes to raise the level of performance and achieve higher levels of sports excellence, and spread the main principles of the Olympic movement, as well as encouraging the strengthening of women’s presence in the sports scene, like in the rest of the sectors, wishing His Highness all success and payment to Hamid Al Qatami, stressing that his bid will remain A milestone in the history of the National Olympic Committee.

For his part, Humaid Al Qatami expressed his deep thanks and gratitude for this generous gesture from His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, stressing that this honor is not a strange thing for His Highness, and that the value of loyalty will remain one of the basic characteristics of the people of the Emirates at all times and when, and that the state The UAE always sets an example in the warmth of its children who have devoted themselves to it, with the aim that the name of the Emirates will always be associated with excellence and success, and so that its flag always remains high and flutters in the largest and most important international forums in various fields, including the sports field, which enjoys the support and patronage of the wise leadership that has not been stingy One day to provide all the necessary guarantees to confirm the UAE leadership in the arenas of competition in various sports.

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