Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud: My father left the hospital to visit Ahmed Zaki before his death.. and the difference between them is tyranny and humility


Ahmed Alaa

Posted on: Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 6:07 AM | Last update: Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 6:07 AM

The artist, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, narrated the details of the story of his late father’s insistence, while he was ill, to visit the artist Ahmed Zaki, who was also suffering from a severe health crisis, and he died as a result.

Ahmed said, during his meeting with the “90 Minutes” program, presented by the media, Basma Wahba, on the “Mehwar” screen, on Wednesday evening, that his father suffers from a brain tumor and was unable to move normally, but he insisted that he visit Zaki in the hospital.

He added that they succumbed to the father’s insistence to visit his “friend” – as he put it. He was transferred from Manial University Hospital in a wheelchair to Dar Al Fouad Hospital, stressing that they faced great difficulty in transporting him.

He indicated that his father had already arrived at the hospital, but he could not see Zaki, who had been transferred to intensive care, after entering a coma.

Ahmed commented on some opinions that consider Abdullah Mahmoud as an extension of Ahmed Zaki, saying: “Zaki was a school and Abdullah was a school. My father had a different technique and completely different tools in acting.”

And he saw that Ahmed Zaki is loved and has honesty in his representation through “the might and strength of personality,” as he put it, explaining that his father was his strength in what he called “the tenderness,” and that he was able to possess the viewer as he was close to him.

He continued, “The older six would stop me in the street, and your father would tell me he looked like my son, my husband, or my brother… The ordinary public saw Abdullah Mahmoud close to him, and this is the strength.”


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