Agnelli: UEFA has demonized the image of Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Super League is not a coup


Juventus president insistedAndrea Agnelli However, the European Super League was not a coup, but a desperate cry of warning, and they will continue to fight UEFA as well for those who were too afraid to commit to the project.

Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the only remaining clubs out of the 12 that have not abandoned the project and therefore face disciplinary action from UEFA, which could amount to exclusion from the Champions League for one or two seasons.

“We have tried in every way to change international competitions from within,” Agnelli said during a press conference.

“I remember a proposal from 2019 with UEFA, which I thought was excellent, and in fact was supported by the second, third and fourth division clubs,” he added.

“You can’t help but realize that European football is centered on a monopoly of executive, economic and legal power, which makes UEFA retain the almost arbitrary responsibility for granting licenses.”

He emphasized: “The system is not effective at the present time European Premier League A coup d’état, but a desperate warning cry for a system that was already on the verge of collapse before the pandemic, and is heading for insolvency.”

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And he added: “The clubs have always requested contact with UEFA, which reacted by closing the door and making serious and arrogant threats towards the three remaining clubs in the Premier League, completely ignoring the court ruling in Madrid and waiting for the UEFA ruling. We can confirm that the legal basis for the project solid”.

He stressed: “This kind of attitude from UEFA is not how to reform football, our desire for dialogue with UEFA and FIFA has not changed, other sports have modified their form over the years, such as the European Basketball League, bringing great benefits to fans, clubs and players.” .

He concluded: “Almost all stakeholders assert that football must be reformed, and yet those who make proposals are demonized. Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona intend to continue the proposals, also in solidarity with those who were afraid to stick with them.”


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