Agnelli defends the “Super League”


Andrea Agnelli, president of the Italian football club, Juventus, considered that the Super League, which aims to create a special competition that brings together most of the big clubs in the old continent, “was never an attempted coup, but rather a cry of warning.” The Juventus president said in a press conference that this project, which competes with the European Champions League, and was submitted last April by 12 English, Spanish and Italian clubs, was “a cry of despair from a system that is consciously or unconsciously heading towards bankruptcy.” He added, “I tried for years to change European competitions from within, because the signs of the crisis were clear even before the Corona virus pandemic.”Until last April, Agnelli was president of the European Club Association, and a member of the decision-making bodies of the European Union for the game (Wifa), before he resigned after the launch of the Super League project by 12 clubs, which did not last more than 48 hours after the withdrawal of nine clubs from it. . At a time when the three “rebellious” clubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus) face sanctions from the European Union, Agnelli attacked the “hurtful words” and “arrogant methods” of the continental body. “It’s not this kind of behavior that fixes football,” he said, recalling that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus remained “determined” to get reform.


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