Agent Saud Abdul Hamid responds to a federal fan who attacked him because of the club’s bargaining!


Al-Marsad Sports: One of the Al-Ittihad fans sent a message to Abdel Hamid’s agent, Fahd Bagdeem, in which he said: “What are the bids? The one with the club. Because Saud. Look what you say. You see, the union’s audience is different from all the masses. Aware of what you can imagine. Saud Abdul Hamid, I am more than one I hope to be a union. But if the bids are so bad, then no, by God, let him go. I swear by God the union is greater than Saud and non-Saud. Five million. compromise”.

Baqadim responded to the fan, through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “All you hear or read are rumors, this is for clarification only.”

Then the agent added a sentence: “A player in the national team”, in an incomprehensible way, but some interpreted it that the financial return that Saud requires is due to his being a player in the national team, despite his young age.

While Baqdam was satisfied with replying, “May God reward you,” to a fan who wrote in his message: “It is impossible for Saud to bargain and bid Al-Ittihad club, it is impossible for him to leave his house. And it expands.”


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