After violating social distancing rules, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigns


British Health Minister Matt Hancock submitted his resignation Saturday after revealing that he had violated the measures imposed by his government to limit the spread of the Corona virus.The man who was the main responsible in Britain for responding to the Covid pandemic, especially the vaccination campaign, sent a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson containing his resignation, repeating an earlier apology.

“We owe it to the people who have made so many sacrifices in this pandemic to be honest when we let them down, as I did in my violation of procedures,” Hancock said in his letter.Johnson expressed his “regret” for receiving Hancock’s resignation, praising his government service of which he should be “very proud”.

Johnson stood by and supported Hancock at first after admitting he had violated the rules of social distancing related to Covid, while urging people to adhere to them.

Opposition parties accused the government of hypocrisy about breaching the general closure measures that led to the imposition of financial fines on many Britons.Hancock admitted that he had let the people down after The Sun newspaper published a still image from a surveillance camera obtained from a whistleblower, showing Hancock kissing his assistant in his office on May 6.

The main opposition Labor Party said the government needed to provide answers about the appointment of Gina Goldangelo as assistant to Hancock’s advisory team without making it public.

Hancock is married to Gina and they first met at university.

Last week, Hancock dismissed criticism of his handling of the pandemic after WhatsApp chats surfaced on social media in which Johnson described him as “hopeless”.

The health secretary also faced allegations that he lied to Johnson and awarded a government contract related to Covid to an unqualified friend.

The accusations widened to include Hancock’s ownership of shares in a family business that also won a government contract related to Covid from his department last year.


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