After they sparked controversy, I promise you.. This is the reality of the marriage of Sumaya al-Khashab and Omar Kamal – in the video


Raised the news of the marriage of the Egyptian artist Sumaya Al Khashab and the Egyptian artist ​Omar Kamal​, a sensation among the public on social media, especially after the release of the video clip for the song “​I promisse“, which brings them together through “ “The YouTubeAfter that, Omar settled the controversy during a telephone interview with him on one of the television programs, and said: “Sumaya is a beautiful woman, like the beauty of Egyptian women, and the relationship I have with her is only a business relationship.” He continued his speech with a laugh: “I wish to marry her.”
And the clip of the song was the trend on social media, after it exceeded two million views, just two days after its release on YouTube.
Somaya celebrated this success on her page, and published a picture of the clip and commented: “Trend number one.. Praise be to God, trend number one YouTube and more than a million views in 26 hours.. Thank you, my beloved audience.”


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