After the warning of the seizure of his money.. this is what Muhammad Ramadan did


The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, went to the Center for Senior Liberal Professions Financiers in the Tenth District in Nasr City, to pay the income tax due on the total of his artworks since 2016..

The tax due on Ramadan is estimated at about 2 million and 59 thousand pounds, after the center gave him a warning to seize his money in banks if he did not pay the taxes due on him..

The Egyptian star had sparked controversy a few days ago when he surprised his fans by publishing a video clip through his official account on Facebook announcing a bank’s reservation of his money..

He recounted the call that took place between him and the bank, saying: “I woke up today on a phone from the bank telling me that the state has kept your money. I replied to him. I told him that I, my money, my house, and the meat of my shoulders belong to my country and my people.”“.

However, responsible sources in the Egyptian banking sector confirmed that the financial balances of the artist Mohamed Ramadan in Egyptian banks were not all seized, but only six million pounds, the value of compensation for the heirs of the deceased pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, in implementation of the judicial ruling issued in their favour.


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