After the “sudden fall”, will Eriksen be able to return to the court? | sport


Less than 24 hours after the shocking illness of the Danish national team star Christian Eriksen, cardiologists specializing in dealing with athletes have suggested that the Inter Milan midfielder will not be able to play professionally again.

The world lived hours of sadness and anticipation after Eriksen fell unconscious during his country’s match against Finland, on Saturday, at the start of the two teams’ campaign in the European Cup.

Eriksen, 29, staggered for a few moments without anyone joining him and then fell on the field, while the medical staff quickly intervened to rescue him and transported him to a nearby hospital, and the match stopped for a while before completing it again.

Denmark national team doctor Martin Boysen said the medical staff had intervened “to save Eriksen’s life”, as the player underwent first aid to “resuscitate his heart”.

According to the doctor’s description, the crew succeeded in “bringing Christian Eriksen back to life”.

Although the European and Danish Football Associations announced that Eriksen’s condition has become “stable”, it appears that the player’s tragedy will haunt him for a long time, and will prevent him from returning to the field professionally again.

The British “Sky News” network quoted Sanjay Sharma, a cardiologist specializing in sports treatment at St George’s University in London, who previously worked with Eriksen when he was a player at Tottenham Hotspur.

“Obviously something terrifying happened but the doctors managed to bring him back to life,” Sharma said. “The question is what happened and why.”

The well-known doctor in British sports circles added: “The results of this player’s tests were normal until 2019”, before his departure to Inter Milan.

Football players in Britain are subject to very strict medical tests, according to Sharma.

The doctor explained: “The good news is that he has woken up, but the bad news is that his career is coming to an end, so will he play professional football again? I can’t say that.”

And Sharma added: “In Britain he can’t play. We will be very strict about that.”

He said that Eriksen’s heart attack could be due to an unknown health condition or perhaps a high temperature, but reports that the player is “alive” is a very good sign in his opinion.

However, Sharma again questioned Eriksen’s ability to play football again, after recovering from the current malaise.

In a similar situation, Bolton player Fabrice Mwamba had previously fallen unconscious on the field, during a match against Tottenham in March 2012, while he announced the end of his career after 5 months, based on the advice of doctors.


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