After the decisions of the Minister of Health.. Al-Azmi is the first Saudi woman to run a hospital in the north of the Kingdom – Saudi News


“Okaz” learned from its sources that the Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, has issued a decision to assign Specialist Faris bin Mikhlif Al-Ruwaili with the duties and tasks of the position of Director of Health Affairs in the Qurayyat Governorate, in addition to his work as Director-General of Health Affairs in Al-Jawf region, succeeding the former Director of Qurayyat Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khamali, who was appointed His exemption by a decision of the Minister of Health, which was resolved in direct coordination with the Emir of Al-Jawf, following what was circulated about the health of Al-Qurayyat during the last period, and the medical errors and shortcomings it witnessed.This comes as Al-Ruwaili appointed Najah Al-Azmi as director of Al-Qurayyat General Hospital, to be the first woman to assume the position of director of a hospital in the north of the Kingdom. Al-Azmi is considered one of the successful national competencies through her work, and she assured “Okaz” that the trust of the guardians is a trust and a responsibility to serve the people of Qurayyat Governorate and achieve their aspirations.

For their part, a number of citizens demanded, through Okaz, the establishment of a government hospital for women, childbirth and children, especially since the Qurayyat governorate and all its villages do not have a hospital with this specialty.

They indicated the great and urgent need of the Qurayyat Governorate for the Women and Maternity Hospital, especially that all patients of its affiliated centers visit the Qurayyat Hospital, which has an estimated capacity of 40 beds, in addition to reviewing some patients from the neighboring governorates of the Qurayyat and villages governorate; What put a lot of pressure on him.

Citizen Mubarak Al-Sharari told Okaz: “The change that took place in the hospital is from the best to the best.”

Citizen Saleh Al-Masaed called for tightening supervision and attention to patients, and providing them with sufficient medical supplies.

Citizen Khaled Al-Enezi added, “The Qurayyat governorate is in great need of a hospital that supports women and childbirth, after the medical errors that occurred in the Qurayyat General Hospital.”


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