After the announcement of the operating system iPad OS 15.. All you need to know about it


During its WWDC 2021 developer conference, Apple announced a new operating system for iPad, as the company launched iPadOS 15, as the company showcased all the new features that Apple iPad users will get soon.

iPadOS 15 comes with a customizable home screen and flexibility in terms of widget placement, Apple has also made the app library available from iOS 14 to iPad, and just like the iPhone, iPad users will be able to have a clutter-free home screen.

Another feature in iPadOS 15 is improvements in terms of multitasking, which will allow iPad users to switch between full screen, Split View, and Slide Over with the help of new icons. Apple is also adding a new “shelf” feature that allows iPad users to access all open windows of any app. In addition to the iPad’s multitasking features, new keyboard shortcuts are supported.

In the Notes app, iPad users will be able to mention people and send them a notification. Apple is also adding a new Quick Notes feature that lets iPad users create notes from any app, and with iPadOS, Apple is adding SharePlay over FaceTime support.

This will enable Apple users to listen to songs with Apple Music, watch shows or sync movies, or share screens to view apps together, and while using SharePlay, anyone can play, pause, or jump forward.

Apple is also improving the Safari app with improvements such as a new tab design that takes the color of the web page and combines tabs, a toolbar, and a search field into one compact design. The app also comes with tab groups that save and manage tabs.

A public beta will be available for iPadOS users next month, while iPadOS 15 will be released to users of iPad mini 4 and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, and all iPad Pro models.

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