After surviving death, the first comment from Christian Eriksen


And spread the club Tottenham Hotspur on his official page inFacebook” a message from Eriksen who is lying in the hospital.

“Many thanks to everyone from around the world for their beautiful messages, which mean a lot to me and my family,” said Eriksen.

He continued, “I’m fine despite the circumstances I’ve been through. I still have to do some checkups in the hospital”.

He concluded his message by saying: “I will encourage the comrades in Denmark national team during their next matches.

The Danish Football Association had said on Sunday that Eriksen is still in hospital and that his condition is stable after he fell unconscious during the Denmark-Finland match, which ended with the latter’s victory with a free goal.

Eriksson, 29, was taken to hospital after undergoing surgery to revive my heart Pulmonary on the field.

Giuseppe Morata, the club’s chief executive, denied intermilan The Italian champion, for whom Eriksen plays, was reported that the Danish player had previously been injured Corona virus.

Morata also confirmed that Eriksen did not receive the vaccination against the virus, which is rapidly spreading and contagious, as quoted by “Reuters”.


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