After seizing his money, Mohamed Ramadan ignores harsh criticism with a new video


Once again, the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, ignored the harsh criticism and comments that accompanied his sarcastic comment on the issue of seizing his property in banks, and shared with his followers a new video clip from the atmosphere of his new song.The controversial artist appeared through the Instagram application inside the elevator, while he was wearing a mask, and the Lebanese plastic surgeon Nader Saab was standing near him, and he was hearing from the background the words of his new song “Sabet”, which came as usual to express his strength and self-confidence.

Ramadan only commented on the clip, saying: “We are ready for the song Thabet, your videos on Thabet’s song, a performance of Jabbar Ma’jun with enthusiasm, long live, men.”

Ramadan had shared his followers on the Instagram application with new pictures of him with his children, and he and his son appeared bare-chested while his youngest daughter embraced him and commented: “May God protect my children and protect you your children.”

Ramadan caused a sensation through a video clip he published after seizing his money, and he received many sarcastic comments about his way of speaking and his mockery of the state’s procedures.


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