After Moataz Matar..Brotherhood media announce the suspension of its activities in Turkey


A few hours after the announcement of the Brotherhood broadcaster Moataz Matar Suspending his programs and media activities on all satellite channels and social media platforms from Turkey, at the request of Ankara, his media colleague, Muhammad Nasser, announced the cessation of his media activities and on social media.

Nasser wrote on his Twitter page: “Today, I announce it clear that I will be absent from all communication sites, not at my desire, but the circumstances are no longer hidden from anyone. It is neither a withdrawal nor a defeat, but rather a round and then rounds.”

directing instructions

It is noteworthy that informed sources revealed to “Al” that the Turkish authorities demanded that the Turkish authorities demanded Moataz Matar, Muhammad Nasser, Hamza Zobaa and the artist Hisham Abdullah to stop their media activities, whether on satellite platforms, social networking sites and YouTube from their territory.

The sources said that the Turkish authorities instructed the “Complementary” satellite channel to stop any programs criticizing Egypt, and the satellite administration was forced to show a repeat episode yesterday, Wednesday, of the Mohamed Nasser media program without prior announcement, while other instructions were issued to the “Al-Sharq” and “Watan” satellite channels to prevent broadcasting any programs Or interventions criticizing Cairo.

Moataz Matar

Moataz Matar

Restricting Brotherhood satellite channels

The Turkish authorities also asked journalists affiliated with Brotherhood Stop broadcasting any media programs for them on social media and threatened to inform the Facebook and Twitter administration of their practice of incitement to hatred and permanently stop their pages while deporting them outside their territories.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish authorities had asked to restrict the Brotherhood’s satellite channels, which broadcast from Istanbul, and to prevent their criticism of Egypt, against the background of their courtship with Cairo, and their attempt to get closer to it.

Last March, Turkey announced the resumption of its diplomatic contacts with Egypt, and directed the Egyptian Brotherhood media outlets operating in Turkish territory to soften the tone towards the authorities in Cairo.


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