After “May God collect our clothes in one washing machine” .. The preacher of Menna Arafa raises the controversy again


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The fiancé of the artist Menna Arafa, who is called Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, works in the artistic field, and the film “The Opportunity”, which will be released soon, brings them together in terms of controversy again.

Al-Mahdi posted a video clip via the Instagram Story feature, on Thursday, with Arafa recording a new phrase to express his love for her: “Your laughter is a sea of ​​pearls that drowned me in it,” to which the artist replied in writing: “What beautiful words.”

This is not the first time, as a few days ago he released phrases to flirt with her, and the followers saw her as unfamiliar, and he said to her: “May God collect my clothes and your clothes in one washing machine.”

Despite the irony, Mahmoud al-Mahdi’s phrases continued to “Arafa”: “You are the trend of my life,” and he continued: “Your love in my heart is unlimited for life.”

The artist replied, laughing: “What is this topic, where do you answer this from?” He also continued his words, saying: “May God make my name on your card very close.”


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