After her request to the House of Obedience .. Hala Sedky threatens her husband


After the Egyptian actress commentedHala SedkyOn what was raised about her request to “house of obedience​”, She said that the husband pressured the wife in several ways, threatening her husband, with a telephone interview on a television program, to prevent him from entering Egyptian territory.
She added: “I have serious secrets,” noting that she refused to talk to him for 7 years, and that she helped his father, even though he did not communicate with her.
She also revealed that she and her children were insulted 7 years ago through her husband’s private account on the social networking site, and then announced the secrets of his house.
Hala confirmed that despite her request for a “house of obedience”, she still does not know the reason for everything that is happening, and that her religion does not include a “house of obedience” or divorce.
It is reported that Hala’s husband,Sameh Sami​, who is residing in the United States of America, has divorced her in a video that he posted on his own account, saying: “By divorce you in front of people and in front of the whole world, you must be my wife, and at the same moment when I am talking about this, there is a lawyer in Egypt working in the divorce case.”


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