After her daring appearance from the Burj Al Arab pool in Dubai, the famous artist undergoes a photo session in the Maldives (video and photos)


The Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, underwent a wonderful photo session in the Maldives, during her summer vacation there, and her enjoyment of the landscapes in the region, in which artists often spend their holidays.

Nisreen Tafesh, on her official page on “Instagram”, published a set of photos and videos, and commented: “In the sea of ​​love, I melted like salt. There is no disbelief or faith left… Doubt and no certainty… A planet in my heart hides the seven heavens – Jalaluddin Rumi”.

Nisreen was subjected to many criticisms after publishing a group of pictures that were considered bold, as she shared pictures from the indoor swimming pool in the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Source: “Rasd” Lebanon 24


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