After clashes, calm returns to Rashidieh camp in Tyre


Calm returned to Rashidieh camp, after witnessing clashes that lasted for hours, from the dawn of Sunday until this evening.

According to the information, two people were killed in the clashes, while other youths were injured.

During the clashes, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades were used, at a time when the Palestinian forces sought to contain the tension.

In addition, the National News Agency reported that The “Fatah” movement and the Palestinian factions managed this evening, after a long day of armed clashes in Rashidieh camp, to arrest the wanted Hussein Z. and his brother Ali, after storming the place where we were holed up.

The wanted Hussein was wounded in the back during his arrest, and after the “Fatah” movement handed over the wanted men to the Army Intelligence – Tire Branch, an ambulance worked to transfer him to a city hospital, under heavy security guards from the intelligence services.

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