After Biden’s election, a poll reveals a “positive change” in Arab attitudes toward America


reveal reconnaissance For the Arab Barometer, the attitudes of Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa to the United States changed positively for America’s survival after the election of President Joe Biden.

The Arab Barometer is an independent, nonpartisan research network that conducts research on the social, political, and economic trends and values ​​of citizens in the Arab world.

The Arab street's view of the United States has changed after the election of Joe Biden as president

The Arab street’s view of the United States has changed after the election of Joe Biden as president

The network has been conducting public opinion polls in the Middle East and North Africa since 2006.

In the survey conducted between March and April 2021, it was found that the ratings of the United States of America improved the most in Morocco (+36 percentage points), Libya (+36 percentage points), Jordan (+21 points) and Tunisia (17+ points). ) and Algeria (7+ points) compared to what it was in October 2020, confirms a report of the Arab Barometer on the poll.

On the other hand, the report revealed that “in Lebanon only, opinions remained almost the same (+2 percentage points).”

Arab Barometer - 1

Curve graph of the change in the assessment of the United States in the Arab street

The improvement in opinions is clearly linked to the change in the US administration, according to the Arab Barometer, during the US presidential elections in November 2020.

On the eve of the elections, Biden was the preferred candidate for most Arabs, four times more than former President Donald Trump, in six of the seven countries included in the poll.

For example, in Tunisia, 52 percent said they believed Biden’s policies would be much better for the region compared to 12 percent who said the same about Trump’s.

Similar results were found in Algeria (43 percent versus 7 percent), Libya (38 percent versus 10 percent) and Morocco (39 percent versus 9 percent).

In Lebanon only, there was no tangible change in terms of support for the candidates, as it was found that Trump supports him 17% and Biden’s support rate reached 16%, while a large number (42%) said that the two candidates are equal.

The difference in opinions about the two American administrations (Biden and Trump) can also be seen in the classification of Arab citizens.

In October 2020, less than a fifth said President Trump’s policies were good or very good.

Support was higher in Lebanon (18 percent), Morocco (15 percent) and Algeria (12 percent), while it reached only 7 percent in Jordan and 6 percent in Tunisia.

Arab Barometer - 2

The Arab street’s vision of US foreign policy between the Trump and Biden administrations

By comparison, at least 19 percent in all countries said in March and April 2021 that they saw President Biden’s policies as good for the Middle East and North Africa region.

Ratings were highest in Libya (47 percent) and Morocco (46 percent) and were lowest in Algeria (23 percent) and Lebanon (19 percent).

It is noted that in all countries except Lebanon, the margin of preference for Biden’s foreign policies compared to Trump was no less than 10 percent at the end of the latter’s presidency.


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