After an absence of more than 15 years.. A work that brings together Al-Harbi and Al-Nabhan again


The Saudi artist returns Ibrahim Al-Harbi Once again, to participate with Kuwaiti artist Jassem Al-Nabhan, after an absence of more than 15 years since the last work they co-starred with, and the work that will bring them together is the series (My Love Al-Bahir), written by writer Alia Al-Kazemi, directed by Khaled Jamal, and produced by Daytona Art Production. A selection of artists will participate in the work championship, including: Zahra Al-Kharji, Basima Hamada, Fahd Al-Abd Al-Mohsen, Fouz Al-Shatti, Hamad Ashkanani, Abdullah Al-Turkmani, Muhammad Al-Dosari, in Al-Sharqawi, Iman Al-Husseini, Nasser Al-Dosari, Hussein Al-Haddad, Ghadeer Zayed.

Al-Harbi and Al-Nabhan are Omar’s friends. Where they participated in beautiful works since they were in one theater in the past, which is the popular theater, and it has been a long time since they did not meet in one work.

The joint work between them is located in 30 episodes, and its events revolve around two families, the Al-Harbi family and the Al-Nabhan family, and many situations revolve around them, and the work in general is a social drama, and the series discusses various issues that touch many segments and people in society in general, and among these issues is the issue of difference Class, along with a light comedic tinge permeate the events.

It is noteworthy that the artist Ibrahim Al-Harbi is a Saudi actor and producer who lives in Kuwait, and joined the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in Kuwait, and during his studies he participated in many television and theatrical works, and soon reached the starring roles. He also joined the Kuwaiti folk theater troupe, and participated with the giants of Kuwaiti art with his works. .

Among his most prominent works are series: They Hate Love, Hababa, Little Dreams, Tomorrow Life Begins, The Fences, The Family, Awlad Bu Jassem, The Price of My Life, Donia Al Strong, Adeel Al Rouh, The Empress, Great Love, and Janna Heli. Among his theatrical works are: Colorful Roses, My Mother Dalal and the Children, Kamasha, The House of Singlehood, The Three Devils, and The Khaitan Sniper. They are: Shaheen, Al-Layl, Najd, and the 300 kilometer.


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