Afaf Mustafa on her daughter Yasmine Rahmi: She gave birth to her in the theater! | Video


The artist Afaf Mustafa said that her daughter, the young actress, Yasmine Rahmi, inherited the genes of a love of art.
Her statements came in a telephone interview with the media, Sayed Ali, on the “Hazrat Al-Muwatin” program on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel.
Afaf Mustafa said: “Yasmine is in love with her job, and this is in the genes, because I was like that and I was pregnant in the ninth month in it, in a play Good night, my love of my eyes. Cairo, and I traveled to Qatar in the morning at 6 o’clock after we finished the theater, and at night I found myself giving birth, it is in the genes inside it.”

She added: “Yasmine is very different from me. She is organized in her work, and loves and respects her work. She is devout in the niche of her work. Perhaps I am lazy and careless. Many strong factors help me to leave an imprint in the middle, so I hope she does this.”


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