Accused of slapping Macron appears in court today


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Alex Perrin, the district attorney for Valence, said the accused, Damien T. The 28-year-old will be presented Thursday morning to the Public Prosecutor in preparation for his trial in the afternoon, according to the immediate appearance system.

He added that a companion of this accused, named Arthur S., was arrested with him on Tuesday. “He will be issued with a subpoena at the end of the second half of 2022 on charges related to the illegal possession of weapons” found in his home.

The Public Prosecutor clarified that the Public Prosecution Office decided to extend their detention period, which was decided after accusing them of “acts of violence, which did not cause incapacitation, against a person in charge of a public authority” and “in order to continue investigations.”

The security forces immediately arrested these two men, residing in Saint-Vallier, north of Valence.

According to the prosecutor, both are unknown to the judiciary or the intelligence services, but they are members of local martial arts, medieval, and Japanese manga and comics associations.

During the hearing, Damien T. He expressed himself that he had no children, had no profession and admitted that he had dealt a blow to the head of state and uttered words denouncing his policies.

The accused also said during his interrogation that he is close to the Yellow Vests movement, the non-partisan protest movement, and that he believes in “traditional political beliefs of the right or the extreme right” without having any party or movement affiliation.

Added Damian T. During the interrogation he acted instinctively and without thinking to express his dissatisfaction.

The investigators did not examine the witnesses. More light on the motives of the accused, who the Public Prosecution said it had decided at the present time not to consider what he had done as a result of premeditation and surveillance.

The Prosecutor stressed, however, that recent checks and investigations are still ongoing.

As for Arthur C, who is “single, without children, temporarily unemployed, and arrested with his friend after filming the assault on the head of state, he explained his reasons for being at the scene without participating in the assault on Macron.”

In his home, investigators found old books on the art of war and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, as well as a red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle and a flag of the Russian Revolution.

This slap infuriated the entire French political class, while Macron sought to mitigate the severity of what he had been exposed to, saying that it was the unilateral actions of very violent people.


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