Accusations of lying, hypocrisy and flattery.. Did Reem Nasri attack her sister Asala because of her picture with Jessica Azar?


Social media accounts circulated a post attributed to Reem Nasri The sister of the Syrian artist authenticity It included harsh phrases that included accusations of lying and hypocrisy, commenting on the image of the Syrian artist at the wedding of the Lebanese media Jessica Azar.

However, back to the account Reem Nasri On Instagram, it turns out that an account Reem Nasri Who launched the attack on the artist, Asala Wahmy, and not the official account of the sister of the Syrian artist.

And publish the account with the name Reem Nasri Two photos on Instagram, one of her sister Asala, from her appearance at the media’s wedding Jessica Azar From the Lebanese businessman Mohammed Soufan.

The account on the “Instagram” application attacked the artist, Asala, with a comment that said: “The time of DNA materialistics, lies, hypocrisy and flattery is a time in which a person is dirty and comes out of his skin and blood and they change according to his interests and his demonic image .. which appears in the form of an angel .. E.”

Asala fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the direct attack on Asala, and the public sharing of family problems through the account that bore the name Reem NasriOne of the followers wrote a comment that said: “Someone writes such a thing about his sister, even if!”.

Follower trading reply Reem Nasri El-Wahmy, in which she said: “When the title of a sister is like a sister, the least thing and the least duty is written like this… and if I call you to zero at the end of the year with morals… God willing, he will feed everyone who doesn’t like my words, a sister like my sister.”


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